Friday, September 24, 2010

Dis robbery is fer realz off da hook LMAO!

The more technology advances, the more we get dumber.   Take for example alleged "inside man" Kyle Lightner who has been accused of aiding Tyce Von Franklin rob the bank where he works.  What gave police reason to believe this?  Incriminating text messages sent from his phone.
"Don't forget yo sunglasses"
"Just in case u don't remember, just go in the front and walk straight... then u will see this hallway and my closet will bet to left."
I guess some last minute details they weren't able to go over in the heist planning meet.  My favorite is the warning that one of his co-workers gets a bit anxious under extreme circumstances.  "... screams at scary moves, so be calm."  Hey, at least he was thinking of his co-workers.  That's got to amount for something.