Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chantix Dream Log #1

I recently decided to take another shot at becoming a non-smoker. I thought that I would get a bit of help this time from some drugs. I mentioned it to my doctor last month when I went in to see her and we went over the different secession aides available. After she explained which seemed to have the highest success rate I began to dig into the side effects. Yes, I know that whatever the side affects of taking a pill for a couple of months are, the effects of continuing to smoke would be far more detrimental to my long term health. I was just being prepared for what I had coming to me, and to be completely honest, I’m pretty sure that had anal seepage been thrown out onto the table I would have politely thanked my doctor for her time and continued to smoke until I died or they came up with something with a more acceptable list of side affects. Needless to say, anal seepage was not on the list. A greater propensity for suicidal thoughts and suicide were the worst of the side affects, and I figured I would start smoking again long before I jumped in front of a train or off of a bridge. There was one intriguing side affect that stuck out at me when she was going through the list. Freaky ass dreams. And so begins the Chantix Dream Log.

I am playing left field in a softball game. Just on the other side of an eight foot chain link fence is a wide river with heavy boat traffic going in both directions. The water level fluctuates drastically from dry to deeper than I am able to decipher, but there is no noticeable difference in the current. The water completely disappears at one point causing many of the boats to break apart on the bottom of the riverbed, which is composed of hundreds of huge bricks of rock. It is as if it was cobblestoned by giants at one time. Suddenly the water level rises again and hundreds of faceless people drown in an instant. They do not struggle. It is an instantaneous mass drowning. The water level drops to nil again to shake more survivors from the boats then rises again. This time they struggle and a woman with a face catches my eye. She is pretty but I do not know her. I hop over the fence and jump into the water. No one else on the softball field or in the stands flinches. I swim through the faceless bodies and they have already begun to bloat but there is no decomposition. I reach her quickly and help her to shore. There are people there to help us out of the river and give us towels. There are television crews there covering the incident and we give an interview with our bodies entwined. She is in front of me with her back towards me and her legs wrapped around my waist. I am holding her up by her stomach and she is wearing jeans and a body suit circa 1993. We do not answer any questions during the interview. We just stand there in that pose while people run past us doing weird cheerleading poses and trying to give me a high five, but I can’t high five anyone without dropping her. The interview ends she dismounts me so that we can go our separate ways. She thanks me and we say goodbye. I watch her walk away and she turns and waves but her face is gone now.