Thursday, November 11, 2010

To those that serve or have served, thank you.

We honor you today

Grandpa might be dead, but that doesn't mean he can't update his Facebook status

That's right.  It's the e-tomb.  When you visit dear old grandpa at his final resting place, why not leave a message on his virtual wall?  Just don't send him any Farmville requests... there's a special place in hell for that.

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Dream Log: Entry #3

I am standing on a complex network of wooden ladders that are hanging off of the side of a mountain. I am haggling with a Sherpa over the cost of a bag of coffee that I absolutely must have, even though I do not drink coffee. I hand him a fistful of strange currency and he hands me the beans. The ladder structure suddenly becomes a chain link fence and the Himalayan scene has been replaced with a dilapidated urban background. There are monkeys everywhere and one of them makes off with my coffee beans. It has become dark on the street and I am suddenly intently aware of the fact that there is a fifty dollar bill in my left back pocket and all of the monkeys know about it. They surround me and one of the larger monkeys demands that I give him the money. As I refuse a smaller monkey runs up to me and punches me in the crotch. I wake up as he hits me to find the dog standing on my junk staring at me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops - The Unboxing

Call of Duty: Black Ops dropped yesterday.  But if you're a gamer geek like the majority of us, you were there at the Midnight Madness release of the game at one of your local Gamestop.
Here's a dude, after said event, unboxing his game.

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What's up with the blog lately?

So, there's been kind of a lull lately with the blog.  What's up you ask?  I hate to say this but... videogames, man.  Tis the season where the game industry starts throwing their best and try to cash in on the pre-Christmas rush.

You're probably saying, "Are you effing serious?  I'm not getting by daily idiot goodness because of videogames?  What kind of load of ess is this?"

To which, we say "Calm the eff down! It's research, man. "

In the next few weeks we'll be reviewing up some of these time wasters.  That way if you've been on the fence about purchasing any of them, you can make an informed decision.  All right.  That's that.  Let me get back to Black Ops, now.