Thursday, October 21, 2010

I've been really hungry before, but....

"I'm so hungry, I could eat two kittens"
I've never wanted to eat a kitten let alone had the gumption to eat two.  But that's what Francis McGinley is accused of planning to do.  He had been drinking (is that really a surprise) and showed up at his apartment with two kittens in hand.  He explained to his roommate that he had accidently run them over and now he was going to eat them.  Turns out that he didn't run them over, though they were injured.  Seems the dude just had a hankering for some kitten meat.  I've tried some crazy foods whilst drinking myself.  But never had I wanted some wild, feral kitten.

Damn. Guess I have to cancel my end of the world party.

Well, it turns out the Mayan calendar might be off... by a few decades!  So, that means 2012 is not necessarily when the world is going to end.  Does that mean John Cusack needs to reprise his role in the movie 2012 for a reshoot of the ending?  I can see it now, everyone is frantically running around trying to escape the imminent doom, when in walks a short, tan fellow wearing nothing but a loin cloth (we can only presume he's a Mayan) and says "Stupid stupid gringos."


M.W.A. = Monkey With Attitude.  This is Sue the Chimp doing her rendition of F#@K Tha Police.   Sue was found pacing back and forth in the front yard of the home she inhabits with her pet human, Mark Archigo.  After the police show up, she shows what she really thinks of them by jumping on the hood of a cruiser and pounding the windshield until it cracks. I'd like to point out that's a a 10 foot chain she has around her and which apparently she's been able to break it free from where she was tethered to.

Here's raw footage of Sue trying to incite the Monkey Revolution.
(NSFW due to language the humans use filming the incident)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is so asking for a train derailment

Here we go again.  You know I love you, Japan.  But you have this overall desire for being weird.  And it's no real secret that you have a strange affinity for monkeys.  But I'm telling ya, this is a bad idea. Making two monkeys train conductors?  Murphy's law dictates that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."  Apparently, Murphy knew about a monkey's devious desire to take over the world.   Oh Japan, you're playing into the paws of these monkeys and their impending revolution.  

I'm thinking about getting an LED tramp stamp.

Tattoos are evolving.  The University of Illinois has developed a silicone LED display that can be implanted just beneath the skin.  How about landing strip markers that lead to that tramp stamp you got back in college?

Nature is neat

via vicscrappyvideos

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Probably the best idea anyone has ever had while drunk

You're drunk. You're driving.  You're drunk driving.  What could possibly make this situation even better?  Why don't you pull other drunk drivers over as if you were the cops!  That's a great idea!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Awesome Craiglist Posting: Sounds like a great job! Where do I sign up?

So, the job entails going on munchie runs for you and boyfriend when you're too high to get out of the house?  And the ideal candidate is an "unlikable loser" who likes to be exploited and doesn't hang around too long.  Wow.  Where do I sign up?

Probably the best song you'll hear on a NYC subway played by band with iPhones.

When it comes to music, I'm not the type who falls for gimmicks. Sure OK Go has gotten some modicum of success with their viral videos.   But I haven't jumped on the wagon just yet.  Yeah I know it's a hard business to break into and get heard and get played... so all these bands are starting to do gimmicky videos.  But this one is pretty impressive.  It's simple enough.  On a NYC subway Atomic Tom plays their single "Take Me Out" with only iPhones.  What helps their case is the fact the song is pretty damn good.
via Atomic Tom