Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh it's just another foreign kid's show... wait a sec.

I believe this video answers that age old question, "If you had to give up, either your sight or you hearing, which would you choose?"

Old lady and her Twilight Tattoo

Team Edward or Team Jacob?  How about Team WTF?!?

Uh... Really? I didn't see that one coming.

Guess Mobile, Alabama doesn't have a '3 Strikes' legal system

What's he going to do for his 100th arrest?  It's got to be something epic.
William Bradley Bankston holds a record like no other.  The 47 year old has been arrested 99 times over a 30 year period.  Holy shnikes.  What's he going to do for his 100th arrest?  You know it's gotta be epic with a ticker tape parade all the way to the jail house.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guess I got to move to another state to get my TV working

So, we were having issues with our DVR the other night.  I logged into U-Verse support and below is the message I got.  I guess I have to move to another state in order for it work properly.

When will you people learn? The numbers are cursed!

9, 078 individuals played the infamous number sequence from LOST on Tuesday's Mega Millions lottery drawing.  And get this... 4  of the numbers were actually right on (including the mega ball).  What do they get? $150.  Awesome.  But it's no Polar Bear.  

This week in dead animal news

Is it the foreboding telltale signs of the apocalypse?  Or mere coincidence?  All I know is I'm a bit scared.