Thursday, February 10, 2011

Geek Fight Club

At first thought I thought this was going to be some kind of lame attempt at Fight Club and it's philosophy.  But this shiznit is off the hook.  These Silicon Valley cats are going full body contact, kendo sticks and knives... freaking knives!

Uppercut from California is a place. on Vimeo.

You're hot... wait a sec..

"Hi there, beautiful lady. What is that you're drinking - whoa!  What the hell?"

She can beat the pants off you in an arm wrestling match

Enter the Ninja

I don't know what I find more disturbing in this video.  The fact the dude has a full detailed Snake Eyes costume.  Or that he's in backyard swinging around a ninja sword.  Or his endless supply of bottles filled with water.

P.S. sNSFW due to f-bombs in the music.

via DanBowenTV

Just Because: Some Little People Pulling a Plane

Gummy Bacon!

It's gummy.  It's bacon.  What's not to love?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monkey who works in a Japanese restaurant wears a creepy mask...

A while back we posted a video of a restaurant where the servers were monkeys.  Apparently japanese folks didn't think monkeys feeding you dinner was weird enough.  They went ahead and put a creepy mask on the monkeys.

Hey, hunters. Don't celebrate too soon.

What Jim and Grandpa didn't realize was this was an elaborate hoax put upon by the bears.  They would soon see the error in their folly.

Star Wars Last Supper

Guess which is the more popular one