Saturday, January 17, 2009

Episode 8

Joining Keith & Mike on this episode were Stella & Johnny. Probably not a good mixture as I'm feeling a bit roughed up today.


Saint Louis wins top honors for the second year in a row. A 22 year old virgin is auctioning her flower away. Buy one get one free. Crockett and Tubbs steal a television. And divorce is never the answer for your money problems.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Idiot Ballroom Broadcasting Tonight

Tonight’s Music Setlist*:

Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand – Beulah
Fujiyama Mama -Wanda Jackson
When It Began – The Replacements
You’re English Is Good – Tokyo Radio Police
Sheep Go To Heaven – Cake
Walkie Talkie – DJ Shadow
The W.A.N.D. – The Flaming Lips
The Empty Page – Sonic Youth
I’m Not Crying, You’re Not Crying, Are You? – Dear & The Headlights

Listen live 10PM Central on Radio23.
Click you preferred listener, sit back with your favorite drink and settle in on a cold winter’s night with us.

*Music plays as time permits.

It's happening again and I need someone to explain it to me...

Over and over again I have to read about this kind of episode, and over and over again it makes my blood boil. There is not a satisfaction guarantee at the hospital, folks. People die there. That is why the morgue is located at the hospital. I may not have spent the better part of a decade in medical school but I'm fairly certain that if you have appendicitis and you don't go to the hospital for surgery, you stand a good chance of going to the hospital to spend some time in the morgue. And while I'm on my soapbox about shit that I can't tolerate, let me just smack the media around for a minute. I have linked to the story on the "newsok" website because I wanted to actually find out what the facts were in this particular story. The AP has been reporting that this poor girl died as a result of her carotid artery being cut during surgery. This would in fact give me the impression that the doctor had absolutely no right to be in an operating room because... and remember, I am not a doctor... there is no reason whatsoever to be cutting into the side of someones neck to perform an appendectomy. Tragically, this girl had her iliac artery cut during a necessary surgery in an attempt to save her life, so thanks for the accurate facts Associated Press.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Give me a pot of coffee, some glow sticks and play some Grateful Dead stat!

I don't know how much of this is true.  I drink like 5 cups of coffee every day and I...what was that?  Did you hear that?  Seriously, did you hear that?

It was bound to happen, Mr. Nazi White Trash

Dear, sad misguided white trash Mr. Heath and Mrs. Deborah "It's just a name" Campbell,

What did you expect?  Really.
You named your child after the most infamous monster in recent history.  You drove around your beat up car with swastikas at one time.  
And then you tried to make a spectacle of the fact a grocery wouldn't make your son a cake.  And you and I both know it was all for publicity.  I mean, when was the last time you saw a cake with someone's full name on it?  "Happy Birthday, Adolf" would have been fine.  They would have baked your precious one his birthday cake.  But that's not what your ulterior motive was, was it?  15 minutes and a possible lawsuit, so you can keep living the dream of collecting unemployment and laying around on your lazy, demented ass.
Maybe this will wake your ass up and you might come to the realization that a serious life change is in order.  I don't think so, though.  People like you don't change.  You go on blaming others for your misfortune.  But who's to blame here?

"If you don't want her dead do you really think I'm the right guy for the job?"

Okay, so when exactly did trying to hire a hitman cease to be wanting someone killed and become attempting to employ someone to physically hit someone? Shouldn't there be a service-specific label for this type of service, like slapman, or punchman, or undercover police officer?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweden's definition of "gangster"

Sweden's idea of a gangster is way different than the US.  Yes, gangsters still roll in their Saabs through Norrland, listening to hip hop/polka, sippin' on Akvavit.  But apparently, gangsters also run on-line pharmacies and they take requests to join the "gang" via email.
Pretty hardcore.  

Monday, January 12, 2009

Papua New Guinea making news again

A couple weeks ago on the show we discussed Papua New Guinea's love of Japanese cuisine. 
Well, the small Indonesian country has made the news again.
What I find most disturbing about the article (and there's plenty to find disturbing) is apparently there is "paperwork" for carrying a dead baby in  carry-on luggage.

I vomit a little when I think of the wedding night consummation.