Saturday, March 21, 2009

Episode 16

Episode 16. Cyrus vs. Radiohead. All you're entitled to is a slap across the face--What's up with Japan? Can I get a one way ticket to Aokigahara forest. -- The parapalegic man who regains his ability to walk from a spider bite. Happy ending? No. -- How about a Ghandi Burger with those Obama Fingers?--It's a smackdown in an Oklahoma prison... but in the Texas correctional system that got it pretty easy.--In Saint Louis? Watch out for the Feces Bandit.

Not Cool, German Doll Maker. (Episode 16 Visual Aide)

What the hell is Courtney Love talking about?

Yeah. I don't know WTF Love is trying to say here. Something about some 103 year old stealing money from the Cobain estate? Why isn't her publicist or agent proofreading her "musings" before it goes out into the internet blogosphere?

As posted on Myspace:

there are 27 TWENTY SEVEN Cobains inthe USA< there are no other people named Kurt and there is certainly not a name "KOBANE" AS IN DAWN CICCONE KOBANE. KAY? NOW there are NO cobains in Ohio or New Jersey, ALL of the people show including the 103 year olds ( when theres 50 that means there are tons more we were just looking at Cobains over 100 years of age, there are none so these peopel ALL HAVE PROPERTY< they all own PROPERTY, there are 1000s and 1000s of these using my and my daughters surname ( they have to to purchase the fraudelent property they have to show a forged POWER OF ATTORNEY to some batty old lady in the the county title office are you WITH ME?) i am f***ing SHOCKED to see the STUPIDIDTY of some of your comments. really "kurt will always be no 1" what the F***? are you f***ing BRAINDEAD? Kurt is DEAD. yet he owns under his ssn over 2000 properties, under a few other names even more, do you get it? they stole HIS money were forced to use HIS surname and bought REAL property do you UNDERSTAND? DO YOU UNDERF***INGSTAND? to show you much else would make you start singing i dont know,....Metallica? am i speaking to BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD? HAVE YOU EVER READ A BOOK? ONE? DO YOU REALISE WE ARE IN A DEPRESSION? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ROCK AND ROLL IS AN INDUSTRY WHERE ALOT OF MONEY GETS STOLEN? ( EG HENDRIX FAMILY 280,000,000$)? DO YOU? ARE YOU YET UNDERSTANDING THAT THE FAMILY, THE MOTHER, SISTERS, HALF BROTHER AND DAUGHTER OF KURT COBAIN HAVE HAD EVERY PENNY STOLEN AND PUT INTO CRAPPY ASSED PLANNED UNIT SUBDIVISIONS, LOOK AT "CARMEN" DO YOU THINK THAT THERE IS A CARMEN? IN THE WORLD? COBAIN? THERE IS NOT. AS STATED THERE ARE NO COBAINS OF ANY VARIANT IN OHIO OR NEW JERSEY, ARE YOU F***ING BRAINDEAD? MORTGAGE FRAUD IS A 4 TRILLION DOLLAR A YEAR INDUSTRY, DO YOU THINK THAT 103 YEAR OLD COBAINS WHO HAVE LIVED AT ONE ADDRESS FOR 103 YEARS EXIST? do you? do YOU? 4 TRILLION A YEAR INMORTGAGE FRAUD. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ooooh I'm going to clean up this highway real good....

Yeah. That's right. This here highway is just going to explode all over itself after I'm done with it.
I'm going to clean the hell out of it. Up and down. Back and forth. Sideways. From behind. On top. Slap it. Stroke it. Taste it.
This highway is going to go blind from how clean it is.

A little gas isn't going to hurt anyone....

So what? The kid was ripping a few at school. And the other kids were laughing. Har de har har. You're really going to suspend him for this? It's not like he threatened anyone. "You better watch out or I'm going to fart all over this school. It's going to be one big fart catastrophe and no one can stop my fermented gastric smells!"

Really? Suspension? Bill Duncan Opportunity School (WTF kind of name is that anyways.) Opportunity, huh? This kid wasn't given the opportunity to express himself through gastro-intestinal music. It should be called Bill Duncan We Don't Like Juvenile Behavior From Our Juveniles That Attend This School.

Bill Duncan Opportunity School, get your head out of your ass and let one go.

Mugshot of the week

I can't stop chuckling over this mugshot.
Roberto Rodriguez, you just got arrested for having sex with a teen student at the school you work for. What do you have to say for yourself? "I don't know, but I can muss up my hair, bug my eyes out and put on a goofy frog grin."
And since when did they start digitizing mugshots with blue-screen graphics?

Here's a big steaming pile of irony for you...