Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's up with the blog lately?

So, there's been kind of a lull lately with the blog.  What's up you ask?  I hate to say this but... videogames, man.  Tis the season where the game industry starts throwing their best and try to cash in on the pre-Christmas rush.

You're probably saying, "Are you effing serious?  I'm not getting by daily idiot goodness because of videogames?  What kind of load of ess is this?"

To which, we say "Calm the eff down! It's research, man. "

In the next few weeks we'll be reviewing up some of these time wasters.  That way if you've been on the fence about purchasing any of them, you can make an informed decision.  All right.  That's that.  Let me get back to Black Ops, now.