Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dream Log: Entry #3

I am standing on a complex network of wooden ladders that are hanging off of the side of a mountain. I am haggling with a Sherpa over the cost of a bag of coffee that I absolutely must have, even though I do not drink coffee. I hand him a fistful of strange currency and he hands me the beans. The ladder structure suddenly becomes a chain link fence and the Himalayan scene has been replaced with a dilapidated urban background. There are monkeys everywhere and one of them makes off with my coffee beans. It has become dark on the street and I am suddenly intently aware of the fact that there is a fifty dollar bill in my left back pocket and all of the monkeys know about it. They surround me and one of the larger monkeys demands that I give him the money. As I refuse a smaller monkey runs up to me and punches me in the crotch. I wake up as he hits me to find the dog standing on my junk staring at me.