Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A few pointers on getting a tattoo

This is what the symbol of Yin Yang looks like

Thinking about getting a tattoo?  Here are few pointers so you don't make the same mistake this Aussie bloke did.

1. First and foremost, don't get in an argument with the individual tattooing you prior to said tattoo.  I can't stress how important this one is.

2.  Make sure that the tattooer knows what a Yin Yang symbol looks like.  Yin Yang symbols get mistaken for 40cm penises all the time.  It's one of the most common tattoo mishaps in the industry..... no not really.  They look nothing alike.  So make sure the one with the motorized needle who wants to permanently stain your skin knows what one looks like.

3.  Back to that Yin Yang symbol.  Is that the best idea of the tattoo you wanted?  Do people really get Yin Yang symbols anymore?  And with dragons?  How about a "tribal" barbed wire sleeve to got with it?

4.  While getting said tattoo, if it is being done out of your sight like on your back, and one of your friends says, "Mate, it's looking really good" he might not be saying that out of earnest.  You might want to get a mirror and check out how "good" it's going.

5.  Tattoos are a way of telling the world, "Look how unique I am.  I got a tattoo just like 40 million other people."  So, when the tattooist says, "Don't show anyone this for a few weeks", you might want to question him on that.  Just sayin'.

6.  Finally, when you get home and you do show your roommate the new "Yin Yang" symbol you got stained with and it turns out it's really a 40cm penis accompanied with a misspelled phrase that implies you're gay and the only response they can muster is "I don't think that's the tattoo you were after" punch them in the face.