Monday, August 9, 2010

It won't be long before the weapons cache is more than rocks

Is it really a surprise that monkeys are clever? I mean every time I've gone to the zoo the chimps there have given me the finger and played with their private parts knowing they'd get some sort of reaction out of me. I usually respond with a "shame on you" leer, a thumbs down and then a very loud "BOOOOOOOOO" that usually terrifies the other zoo patrons around me.

My point is these dirty monkeys know what they're doing... and we humans shouldn't be surprised by their acts.  Is it really a surprise this monkey is stockpiling rocks to hurl at the Swedish?  Not really.  What should be the questioned is this little rascal's poor aim.  The monkey's I've seen hurl their poop with deadly accuracy.  So, why are scientists researching this behavior and not trying to prevent?  I mean really.  If a little kid all of sudden started hurling rocks at pedestrians, the reaction would be, "Hey, kid!  Stop throwing rocks or I'll kick you in the ass!"  But a monkey does it and freaking scientists have to research it.  Give it some time and this monkey will get that accuracy down.  Give it some more time and he'll figure the chemical makeup of gunpowder.  After that it'll be us humans in cages hurling poop, playing with our privates and giving the finger.