Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who is Arcade Fire??? That shouldn't be the question. Who are you?

Okay so the Grammy's were the other night.  I didn't watch.  Not into the mainstream GagaBieberUsherBullShiznit.  With that said, I'm not really a diehard Arcade Fire fan either.  Sure they have some good songs but never really got into them so much.  So, when I heard the next day that Arcade Fire won best album, I was like "I guess that's cool".  But apparently this whole "Arcade Fire wins the grammy thing" got the world of pop music lovers up in arms.  But seriously who hasn't heard of Arcade Fire?  Really?

sound delicious

I don't know.  But what are you doing to that dog?

Rosie is so in touch with the masses
You get a sense of smugness in the retort.