Friday, September 17, 2010

What's missing from this picture?

This is perhaps the saddest story that I have ever told. It is a story of love, and loss, and separation, and sadness, and the pitfalls of the continuous wearing of a baseball cap, and the sadness that it may bestow upon a man. Take one look at this picture and you will know the pain of a man who has loved to the point that he is willing to give up every chance at normality to have that one and only precious baseball cap. There are many, but this one is special. It’s color is a mystery, as no one has laid eyes upon it since shortly before this picture was taken (it was no doubt removed by the arresting officer or gravity, either during the struggle leading up to arrest, or the placement of the suspect into the law enforcement vehicle, or shortly after arriving at the booking desk),but my senses tell me that it was of a camouflaged variety in the color palate of either green on darker green and, or brown, or orange on darker orange and, or brown. It was magnificent and it was his. I wonder if I may reflect on the life of this head garment for just a few moments so that you may know, as I do, the loss that we as a nation may, or most likely, may not have suffered on this incredibly sunny day. I mean, is it really, really, really sunny out there, or is it just me? It just seems so bright.

Imagine the memories that these two lovers of salt licks, Jon boats, pick-up trucks, chewing tobacco, loose teenagers, banjos, beef jerky, tramp stamps, and county fairs must share. When it got late and they were out of Wild Turkey, they threw up and went to bed, and they did it together. When that chili dog from Sonic gave him the runs, they spent the day on the toilet, and they did it together. At the dirt track races? Hell yeah. At a fancy dinner with the old lady at Olive Garden? You better believe it. Drunk in the parking lot of the skating rink? And then some. Hungover at church... you betcha. Using a BB gun to force his stepson to do wind sprints in the sweltering heat because he needed to be better conditioned... yep, they did that together too.