Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stuck between a rock and a hard place…

What a rough time it’s been so far for the 33 Chilean miners that have been trapped since Aug. 5.  But after the landslide that caused the miners to be trapped 2258 ft underground one of the men stepped up in a major way.  Yonni Barrio was able to put his first-aid skills to task and aid in helping any of the men needed it.  After he tended to those men he vaccinated himself and the other 32 miners against the flu and pneumonia.
Yonni was able to do all of this because he had taken a training course 5 years ago.  That’s where he met his girlfriend Susana Valenzuela.  She, along with many of the family of the trapped miners, has been holding vigil outside the San Jose mine.
Seems like a pretty touching story, right?  Why would it be posted on this site you ask?  Well you see Susana wasn’t the only person there to support her loved one.  Marta Salinas is there to show support for her husband…Yonni Barrio. WHO DO SAY WHAT?!?!?!  That’s right; this guy’s been having a secret fling.  Marta and Susana discovered each other when they heard each other calling out his name from a crowd of the miners’ loved ones.  Looks like good ole Yonni might want to try and find himself a different escape route.