Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy New Year! *Bang*

It's no secret that I like to party.  I'll find any excuse to throw back some brews.  Birthdays.  Weddings.  Bar Mitzvahs.  Wakes.  Wednesdays.  Hell, it's what I do.  Now New Years, that's a whole different level of partying.  For my New Years bash I usually get the festivities started right after the opening of presents on Christmas day.  For about a week my liver is screaming at me for some relief.  By the time the ball drops at midnight I'm a hot mess. Usually I'm curled up in a corner with bucket and blanket, waiting for the world to stop spinning the wrong way.  Again, that's what I do.  I party.  I think however I've met my match.  This dude likes to party so much, that he can take a bullet to the head... and not realize he did so for 5 years!  Party on, dude.  Party on.